Photo by Kat Jayne from Pexels
Life carried on as normal inside the farm

Colin Murphy

75 years old
North King Country

27th August 2020.

To The University of Auckland Covid 19 Research Team,

I am delighted to see your interest in the thoughts of us seniors. So often we feel we are the forgotten demograph in our society.

I am a 74 year young retired dairy farmer and my observation of the approach to the covid processes is, to me, typical of the rural urban divide, or more concisely the rural metropolitan difference.

Firstly is that the whole covid pandemic setup has been devised in Metropolitan Wellington, by Metropolitan Wellington and for Metropolitan Wellington. Designed for the concentrated population places throughout New Zealand.

The rural heartland of New Zealand operates under separate and different sets of social and economic criteria. Our “bubble”, comprising my wife of fifty years and myself, is forty hectares and leased to our neighbour for his extension for milking acreage. Life carried on as normal inside the farm gate with occasional connection with the neighbour and his staff. Cows needed milking, crops needed to be harvested and livestock needed to be shifted. This is the inexorable march of the seasonal nature of agriculture and indeed life. The day to day requirements cannot be parked in warehouses or on shelves as can urban merchandise.

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