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Adapting to a new way of living


20th August 2020

Dear New Zealanders

In the last 5 months I have learned another meaning for many words. Bubble, physical and social distancing, a-symptomatic, Level 4 to 1 lockdowns, Click and collect, Novel Coronavirus shortened to Covid or the virus became topics of many conversations and are still continuing as we negotiate through a global pandemic.

To me the Government outlined, based on the best information possible, that the older generations are vulnerable. This has proved true and the effect of the virus on those in aged care homes, families and staff has been very sad.

In 2019 I travelled alone for 2 months in Europe but 5 months later I fell into the vulnerable category as announced by the Government and Covid guidelines advised that I stay home and ask someone else to buy my groceries. With the world now a different place I had to adapt to find my new daily life.

In New Zealand we have a reasonable right of free speech and freedom to live our life. However in March 2020 I am very thankful the Government of New Zealand made the decision to close the borders and lockdown the people. Over the next few weeks I turned off the news because as I listened to many of the experts I felt no decision would have been made and the virus would be much more widespread and consuming everyone’s worries, health and economy.

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