A time of fundamental changes

Xu Chongbin

Read Xu's Chongbin's letter in Mandarin.

2020 is called the Year of the Rat in China. According to some history books, terrible things often occur in such year. And the prophecy came true this year. Since the beginning of 2020, Covid-19 has been spreading in China, this virus has affected many other countries, disturbing the peace of the whole world. At that time, New Zealand, with its unique conditions, was not captured by the virus. The world nowadays, however, is a community of shared destiny, and no nation can stay out of it. Not to mention that New Zealand as a country of developed economy, great environment and inclusiveness, it’s impossible for it to stand out of this crisis. Eventually, the virus invaded this pure land. Facing such menacing virus, the New Zealand government immediately issued the level four alert, which is the lockdown of the whole nation and cities in it, in order to control coronavirus.

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