1948 cartoon depicting a mother doing housework while supervising chldren’s schooling from home. [Auckland Star newspaper – Alexander Turnbull Library]
A reminder of the 1947 polio epidemic

Yvonne Knight

I am a widow living on my own.

During the COVID 19 lock down in 2020 I was very fortunate to have my cousin, also a widow, live with me for the entire period of Level 4; she returned home at the beginning of Level 3. We shared the housework, watched Netflix and Television in the evenings, read books and walked most days in the nearby parks, my walks being a lot shorter as I have back and knee problems. I was able to write up a family history of my late husband’s family from documents that had been stored in drawers and cupboards for several years, as well as adding to a story about my own life, so all in all I did not find Level 4 too arduous nor for that matter, Levels 3 and 2.

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