A look back on 2020 and coronavirus changes

Xu Minqi

Tamaki Makaurau/Auckland

Thoughts during Covid-19 Quarantine

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In 2020, coronavirus spread to almost every country on this planet. According to the report on September 14th, nearly 30 million people was infected, and over 90 thousand died of it. This epidemic is a tragedy to humankind. Although governments all over the world took different measures to control the virus, the New Zealand government had done a much better job.

New Zealand has had level 4 and level 3 alarms, and both of them were on point. These smart moves, which showed respect for life and people, have effectively restrained the virus. Controlling the spread of this virus damaged this country’s economy, however, citizens’ health should be the priority. As long as there are people, everything will go back to normal, and development can be achieved.

How a government handles the virus reflects its governing capacity. More importantly, most New Zealanders are good citizens and residents who act in accordance with government regulations, which helps keep a lower infection and mortality rate.

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