A diary of everyday life

Coralie Smith


Our experience during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Although I had listened to news items and read about the Covid 19 pandemic in faraway places, when the government announced the different levels and what that would mean, and then how quickly the whole country went into lockdown, it was a shock.

I am Coralie Smith, a 71-year-old woman living with my 77-year-old husband Trevor in Motueka in the Tasman district. We have been fully retired for 10 years after running various small businesses over the last 46 years that we have been together. We have no children but have wide family groups on both sides. We own our own home, have no mortgage, have some savings and receive the superannuation. My health is very good but Trev has diabetes, heart related problems and lost the sight in his left eye late last year. We both still walk every day and both drive and attend various clubs and groups and do volunteer work.

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